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Wind in your hair, the roar of the wind as it envelops you at high velocity, the soothing sound of the engine pulling you ever forward, tires screeching desperately across the tarmac trying to connect; these are the sensations we the enthusiasts crave, that sense of freedom from the laws that govern the natural world and propel you into the distance filled with a simultaneous mix of excitement and fear. Is this not what makes a drive? Is THIS not what makes a DRIVER? As I sit here contemplating the strange expense filled journey to maximum power, I am left with one overlying thought… “Was it worth it?” This is the question every car person in history has asked themselves, days will have ups; days will have downs; but at the end of the day there is only one answer “ABSOLUTELY”. This blog is not just a journal it is to be a manifesto of speed, a how to manual for the road warrior who wants that 900whp grocery getter, the track star who needs to get his kids to school. Come with me and we will dominate the roads with quality and speed.

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