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Ownership of the BMW N54 engine is a life in pursuit of power. The BMW owner's passion for speed is rivaled only by an unwavering pursuit and passion for beauty. We at Performance Boutique are ever driving towards this golden ratio of performance and beauty. We obsess with elevating the engine bay of the once drab N54 platform. That is why we have not only created the first billet valve cover of its kind, but we have also created a work of art in the process. Solidly melding beauty and braun without adding significant weight.  Performance Boutique didn’t just improve a weak link in the pursuit of power, but rather by using the existing OEM gasket pattern we have achieved a near perfect marriage with the engine. Our laser scanned fitment ensures a precise and perfect fit around injectors, coils, and alignment holes. Get one of these in your engine bay and you will see the sun shining just for you every time you lift your hood cover to reveal a gem of unrivalled beauty.


All of our precision units are bespoke and may take up to 5 weeks to fulfill due to order amounts.

N54 Billet Valve Cover

C$2,149.00 Regular Price
C$1,849.00Sale Price
    • OEM Gasket
    • Hardware
    • Billet Oil Cap
    • -12AN 1/2" NPT ports
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